Pa to mmHg


How to use the Pa to mmHg converter?

To convert Pa to mmHg, set the pressure in Pascal (Pa) in the first input and the converter will directly show the pressure in mmHg.

How to convert Pa to mmHg?

The millimeter of mercury (symbolized mmHg), also known has torr (Torr), is a unit of pressure. 1 mmHg is equal to 1 atmosphere (atm) at 0°C, and so to around 133.322 pascals (Pa).

This definition gives the following formula:

Pressure in mmHg x 133.322 = Pressure in Pascal

So to convert Pa to mmHg, we can use the following formula:

Pressure in mmHg = Pressure in pascals x 0.00750062

When is the mmHg pressure unit used?

It is mainly used in medicine for measuring blood pressure and in physics for very low pressures.

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