Draw online maps

Create online maps without any drawing map experience.

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How to start?

We provide an easy to use free online mapping application. The application is very intuitive and it will allow you to create custom maps in only a few minutes.

1. Register

Create a free individual account.

2. Login

Login in the application with your created account

3. Select a background map

Click on the “map” icon in the top navigation menu and select the “layers” menu in the left navigation menu.

4. Create a project

In the left navigation menu, click on the “Projects” option and click on the “add” icon.

5. Draw the map

Add points, lines and polygons. Customize the size and colors of each features and set the different label to each features.

6. Export your map

Set a title and the legend and download your map.


select background map

Background maps

Select backgrounds map with street or landcover, add countries, demographic data, oceans bathymetry, volcanoes, …

Points, lines and polygons

Draw very easily points, lines and polygons on the map.


Define if you want labels on the geographical features that you are drawing on the map.


Full customization of the colors and size of the geographical features and labels.


Export the map in an image format with the title, legends and scale of the map