Online stopwatch


How to use our online stopwatch?

Our online stopwatch measure the time in second when the start button is pushed. The time can be pause at any moment by clicking the pause button that will appeared in the place of the start button, when it is clicked and the time running.

It is also possible to count laps with our online stopwatch. Each time the “split” button is clicked, the time is measured and added in the table under the stopwatch. This table contain the lap number, the duration of the lap and the total time of the timer. Each time the “split” button is clicked, a new line is added to the table.

When the “split” button is clicked, a new timer appear under the existing one. This new timer is blue and correspond to the duration of the current lap. So, it is reset to zero each time that the “split” button is clicked.

To reset the stopwatch, pause the timer by clicking the “Pause” button. The “Reset” button will appear in the place of the “Split” button. By clicking the “Reset” button, the stopwatch is set again to zero and the content of the table with the different laps is cleared.