Online timer


How to use our online timer?

Our online timer tool is very easy to use. To start a new countdown, you can first set the name of the timer by clicking in the white box with “name”. Then you can set the value of the timer by adding the values in the inputs under “hours”, “minutes” and “seconds”. When you have specified the value of your timer, you can press the “add new timer” button. The timer will be created and it will start automatically.

You can then pause the countdown by clicking “pause”. The “pause” button will disappear and a “start” button will appear in its place. To start the countdown again, press the “start” button. Once the timer is started again, the “pause” button will reappear.

It is also possible to reset the timer to its initial value by clicking at any time the “reset” button.

To add multiple timers, you only have to repeat the operation described above to add a new timer. It is possible to run the different timers on the same time.

It is also possible to quickly start a countdown for one of the specified time in the list under the tool. This list contains most common timers. By clicking on one of the specific timer it will directly create and start the countdown for the specified time.

When a countdown is finished, it will emit a sound for 3 seconds.