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Individuals with high score are extraverted, sociable, talkative, cheerful, confident and enjoy social interaction.

Individuals with low score are reserved, calm, withdrawn, and less dependent on social life.


Individuals with high score are tolerant, gentle, kind, forgiving, pleasant and altruistic. Because it is very important for these individuals to get along well with others, they have flexible opinions. They also try to avoid criticizing or judge.

Individuals with low score are skeptical, stubborn, quarrelsome, self-interested and brusque. These people also tend to defend their point of views and opinions. They also tend to criticize others.

By consequence, individuals with high agreeableness are usually more appreciated. But low agreeableness can have many benefits in some domains like for example for leaders and advocates.


Individuals with high score are well-organized, hard working, disciplined, efficient, conscientious and orderly in their dealings with things and time. People with high conscientiousness can be predisposed to workaholics and perfectionism.

Individuals with low score are distracted, disorderly, have difficulty to find the motivation to complete their work and assignments, are not bothered by incompleteness and lack of accuracy, and are disorganized regards to their environment and their schedule. People with low conscientiousness are however more often spontaneous and playful.

Emotional stability

Emotional stability is often referred as neuroticism or negative emotionality, which are interpreted inversely than the emotional stability. They can be indeed though as the opposite of emotional stability.

Individuals with high score are calm, stable, serene, not very prone to anxiety. They are able to easily overcome anger, stress and embarrassment. But, these people may also turn out to be too careless and too prone to underestimate the potential threats in their environment.

Individuals with low score are worried, anxious, depressed, complexed, vulnerable to stress and depression.

Intellect / Imagination

This trait is also often referred as Openness to experience.

Individuals with high score are distinguished by their unconventional, creative, intellectual, curious nature and by their overflowing imagination. They also like to hear new and unusual opinions.

Individuals with low score are conventional, traditional and don't appreciate things that are foreign and unfamiliar to them. They are not interested in intellectual activities and they don't like to be confronted with strange opinions and ideas.

Important note

The results of this test are not psychological or psychiatric advice of any kind and come with no guarantee of accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose.