How to make a free online poll?

We provide an easy to use free online polls. The tool is very intuitive. Create a poll in a minute and share it to see the results.

1. Create a poll

Write your question, set the different choices, optionally add a description and your name. Choose if you want an anonymous form or a table with the name of each voter. Define if multiple choice is allowed or not. Define if the form is public or only accessible for people with whom you share the link.

2. Share the poll

Share the link of your poll with the participants.

3. Get the results

The results are in real time. Each time someone votes, it is directly visible in the results tab of your poll.

Advantage to use our polling tool

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No registration

Create a poll, share it and get the results without any registration. Participants also don’t have to register to vote.

Secure polls

Even if registration isn’t needed to create polls and to vote, the polls are secure and technically prevent multiple votes for the same participants.

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Public polls

You can choose to make the polls available in our list of public polls. These polls are public and are available to any visitors of infooni.com for consultation, but also for voting.

Private polls

When this option is selected, the polls are only available with the link of the polls. The link has a unique key for security reason.

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Share your survey to any media

Share the link of the poll to the participants by email, Facebook, Twitter, … By clicking on the link, they will directly arrive to the voting page without any connection.

Multiple and single choice

It is possible to configure the polls to accept only a single choice or multiple choice.

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Anonymous polls

The infooni poll maker tool allows to make anonymous poll. Participants can choose between different options without giving their name. The results show the number of votes for each option.

Non-anonymous polls

It is possible to create polls with as results a table of participants and their selected options

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